Friends of the Earth Ireland

Every donation makes the work that we do possible and enables us to continue campaigning on what is most important, including our work to fight climate chaos

Who are we?

Friends of the Earth is a people powered NGO that campaigns for environmental justice and sustainability. We aim to build movement power to bring about the system change we need for a just world where people and nature thrive.

What do we do?

We focus on Ireland's response to the big environmental challenges of our time such as climate change, energy, the waste crisis and sustainable food production.

Friends of the Earth Ireland


Our organisation

How are donations typically distributed across our organisation?
Supporter income in 2019: • Campaigning and communications - 79% • Supporter relations and development - 9% • Administration and organisation - 12%
What impact will your donation have?
Your donations enable us to seize important opportunities with autonomy and independence. Not many organisations have the privilege of doing this, many are tied to restricted projects dictated by particular funder’s agendas. Much of our campaigning is funded by our supporters - that’s what makes us unique. Our strong and loyal community of regular donors is what makes Friends of the Earth.