Who are we?

We are a sustainable activewear brand. We create simple, beautifully-fitting separates created with their footprint in mind.

What do we do?

We only use natural, recycled and ethically sourced fabrics such as Econyl, Tencel or organic cotton.


Evamoso completed a sustainability assessment as part of our partner application process. To promote transparency, their responses to our questions are below:

What is our mission?
Our mission is we want to make sustainably sourced activewear the new norm. We believe it should be a given to want clothes created with their footprint in mind. We have a sustainability ethos which is one of our main headers within our website.
Our sustainability statement?
At Evamoso, we believe that sustainable clothing should be a given, not a speciality. We believe you shouldn’t have to look hard to buy comfortable, stylish everyday clothes created with their footprint in mind. To put it simply, we want to be the new norm in athleisure. Evamoso clothing is designed for every side of you - not just working out. Simple, beautifully-fitting separates made from natural and recycled fabrics in wearable shades, they are created to work in harmony with every aspect of your your life.
What UN Sustainable Development Goals are we contributing to?
We are proud to say we are actively helping towards Responsible Consumption and Production (No.12) and Life Under Water (No.14).
Do we have any certifications?
We produce all our pieces in a Portugese family-run factory which adhere to strict code of ethics and fair pay for its workers. We are transparent with our manufacturer which is called RCV Textile- in case you want to reach out and and find out about their certifications. We only use the below certified fabrics OEKO-Tex certifed GOTS certified Vegan Healthy Seas Initiative Eco-Age brandmark approved Prince's Trust Entreprise Program certifiication
What internal measures do we take to reduce our company’s carbon footprint?
We choose to use a manufacture that operates in the EU instead of China/India to reduce our carbon footprint as a company. We choose to work with Econyl which is made up of waste from the oceans. We also choose to use Tencel as it is a fabric with a more transparent and closed manufacturing process.
How do we adhere to fair labor conditions?
We have chosen to work with a manufacturer which has strict labour conditions in Porto, Portugal. This is one of our areas we won't negotiate on and feel passionate about.