Janni Bars

Who are we?

A small female-led business making sustainable bathroom, household and pet products.

What do we do?

Janni Bars handmake sustainable shampoo, conditioner and soap bars


Janni Bars completed a sustainability assessment as part of our partner application process. To promote transparency, their responses to our questions are below:

What is our mission?
At Janni Bars we concentrate of giving people plastic free options for their bathroom and household routine, including pet care. We want to optimize the solid bar experience, offering skin-loving products with natural ingredients without the unnecessary waste. If we can reduce plastic waste, save water, lower emissions and clean the people, we have succeeded.
Our sustainability statement?
Passion for the environment is the base for Janni Bars. Starting with plastic free packaged options for bathroom routines, choosing naked products or sustainable options like paper and glass instead. We also believe in using ingredients that are as natural as possible, perhaps better labeled as "Free from" skincare, using ingredients that are raw and natural or at least derived from natural ingredients. No petrol based ingredients or plastic, silicones, parabens or similar for a healthier option.
What UN Sustainable Development Goals are we contributing to?
We work with and towards UNs Development Goal 13, Climate action, reducing household waste and subsequently lowering the amount of non recyclable plastic that ends up in landfill, in a lot of cases also sold to poorer countries where the waste is not handled correctly, making the inequality gaps even larger. Said plastic also requires a lot of water in production. A shampoo bar also lasts longer than two regular bottles of shampoo, and take less space to transport, making it a preferred option also for lowering Co2 emissions.
Do we have any certifications?
All products have Cosmetic Safety Certifications.
What internal measures do we take to reduce our company’s carbon footprint?
We constantly work towards reducing electricity and water use in the workshop, even though we are small scale, every little helps. We are currently also in the process of signing up to offsetting carbon and the goal for 2022 is to be carbon neutral.
How do we adhere to fair labor conditions?
All employees at Janni Bars are working for a fare wage and under government guidelines.