Palms In The Wild

Who are we?

Palms In The Wild brings beautiful images to your yoga practise in the most sustainable way possible.

What do we do?

Eco-friendly yoga mats made from natural rubber tree & microfibre vegan suede, displaying original photography by Leah.


Palms In The Wild completed a sustainability assessment as part of our partner application process. To promote transparency, their responses to our questions are below:

What is our mission?
As a small start-up brand, we are doing everything we can at this point to be eco-conscious and always looking to grow in any way possible to strengthen this mission.
Our sustainability statement?
Sustainability Yoga practice support Eco-friendly Providing beautiful visuals from around the world for someone's practice.
What UN Sustainable Development Goals are we contributing to?
We like to promote good health and wellbeing through fitness and yoga related products. We support gender equality by supporting women in business. The product is made from eco-conscious materials consisting of natural rubber tree and a vegan microfibre suede that is constructed of recycled plastics.
Do we have any certifications?
What internal measures do we take to reduce our company’s carbon footprint?
We carefully selected a supplier that focuses on producing in an eco-friendly way and intend on shipping via train instead of plane to lower our carbon footprint. We are partnered with One Tree Planted and a tree is planted for every mat that is sold.
How do we adhere to fair labor conditions?
All certificates and proof of conditions were shown prior to supplier agreement. The supplier has been verified by SGS Group.