Sugarloaf Botanics

Who are we?

A natural skincare brand with a difference - we grow all our own botanicals on-site for a range of seasonal skincare!

What do we do?

We grow medicinal herbs and infuse them into skincare and herbal products that change with the seasons


Sugarloaf Botanics completed a sustainability assessment as part of our partner application process. To promote transparency, their responses to our questions are below:

What is our mission?
Sugarloaf Botanics aims to reconnect people with the value of their local plants through moments of ritual and sensory experience. We hope to grow more and more medicinal herbs in the future and provide a space and sanctuary for people to come and pick their own herbs thereby improving biodiversity as well as the health and wellbeing of the local community.
Our sustainability statement?
From sourcing to producing to packaging to waste management sustainability is at the core of Sugarloaf Botanics. We are committed to sustainable and ethical wildcrafting principles and organically grow all other botanicals .
What UN Sustainable Development Goals are we contributing to?
12 - responsible consumption and production 15 - life on land 3 - good health and wellbeing
Do we have any certifications?
Not yet! Working towards organic certification for our botanicals and ingredients
What internal measures do we take to reduce our company’s carbon footprint?
Sourcing ingredients and packaging as close to Ireland as possible Conserving rainwater Fossil fuel free heating
How do we adhere to fair labor conditions?
We have no employees at present!