The Wonky Food Company

Who are we?

Started in Oxfordshire, The Wonky Food Company is on a mission to tackle food waste, one wonky vegetable at a time!

What do we do?

Each jar of Wonky Relish is packed full of imperfect and surplus fruit & veg. No matter the look, it's the taste that counts


The Wonky Food Company completed a sustainability assessment as part of our partner application process. To promote transparency, their responses to our questions are below:

What is our mission?
The Wonky Food Company makes great tasting products that also tackle the problem of food waste. From ugly onions to leftover limes, we pack as much imperfect and surplus fruit and veg into our products as possible, understanding that no matter what size, shape or colour, it's the taste that counts.
Our sustainability statement?
We believe in equal rights for all fruit and veg. No matter what size shape or colour, it's the taste that counts. By using imperfect and surplus produce in our products, we are on a mission to do our bit to raise awareness about and tackle the problem of food waste.
What UN Sustainable Development Goals are we contributing to?
12 - Responsible consumption and production 13 - Climate Action
Do we have any certifications?
Happerley approved (UK food transparency network) Good Market approved
What internal measures do we take to reduce our company’s carbon footprint?
Our central mission is to reduce food waste, which is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Our administrative office is on the Blenheim Palace estate in Oxfordshire, which has a Green Tourism Gold Award for its water usage and energy management, which applies to the operations of all of its tenant businesses. We outsource our manufacturing to a farming business, which practises a zero waste policy.
How do we adhere to fair labor conditions?
We are only a small team but have just employed our first wo members of staff. We operate a flexible working policy, with the opportunity to work remotely. With the participation of our new employees we are developing our company values and culture statement and are working towards becoming a national living wage employer.