Earth Guardians

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Every $10 donated plants 3 native trees by our crews

Who are we?

Earth Guardians is an intergenerational organisation with youth at the forefront that trains diverse youth to be effective leaders in the environmental, climate and social justice movements across the globe.

What do we do?

Youth empowerment and training on climate, environmental, social justice - using art, music, storytelling, on the ground projects, civic engagement and legal action to advance solutions to the critical issues we face as a global community.

Earth Guardians


Our organisation

How are donations typically distributed across our organisation?
• Environmental campaigns and projects. • Youth development and leadership trainings. • Youth stipends to fund time spent working on campaigns and projects. • Micro-grants to fund community projects worldwide. • Staff salaries to support youth and campaign work. • Overhead including administrative staff time and other general overhead.
What impact will your donation have?
• $10 = 3 native trees planted by our crews in the States • $20 = 7 native trees planted by our crews in other parts of the globe • $50 = 1 campaign can be organised by our Youth Council • $100 = 1 project grant can be given to our crews