Global Action Plan

€5 in donations can help buy seeds and materials for our workshops in our Community Garden in Ballymun.

Who are we?

At Global Action Plan we work to empower individuals, in their communities, schools or work places, to take action for a better world. We help people take practical action that results in long-term behavioural change for a more sustainable life, work place, and world.

What do we do?

We work with community groups, schools and businesses to learn about our impact on the planet, and to find ways to reduce that impact. We assist people and groups to develop ideas on how they can make changes in their lives and ways of working, to help protect the planet.

Global Action Plan


Our organisation

Our mission?
Global Action Plan Ireland is a solution orientated national environmental organisation that offers practical support to shape conscious sustainable behaviour.
How do we measure the impact of our work?
We measure the impact and savings of participants' actions and use the results for support and feedback.
What environmental work do we do?
Our community and schools programmes are based on our work in Ballymun, but we also support schools and communities across the country. We use our community garden in Ballymun to run practical workshop, eg. ‘the Art of Composting’ and ‘the Power of Growing your Own’ programmes, for community groups, and we also provide education programmes for community groups, to help participants understand local challenges from a critical, global perspective, and then put this knowledge into practice. We also run programmes for businesses, including a programme promoting the development of sustainable habits for caterers in the workplace, and a programme to engage employees in climate action.
Where do we carry out this work?
All over Ireland.
What impact have we achieved to date?
GAP has reached over 180,000 participants in our 9,796 workshops and programmes from 2001. Together, these participants have saved over 70 million litres of water, and over 590,000 kilograms of CO2 from being emitted. Our recycling workshops have helped save over 1,000 kilograms from going into landfills and have made almost 350,000 kWh in energy savings. GAP’s programmes are designed to promote social inclusiveness where we ensure that those who are most disadvantaged have access to the programmes we deliver and are relative to their current situation or context.