The Heart of England Forest

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Every £5 in donations can support the planting and protection of a tree in the Forest to benefit the environment, wildlife & people

Who are we?

The Heart of England Forest is an exciting & ambitious charity. Our vision is to create a 30,000 acre forest to benefit the environment, wildlife & people. So far we've planted 1.9 million trees.

What do we do?

We establish & grow the Forest on land that we have purchased to ensure it is safe & protected for generations to come. Our schools programme aims to educate, involve & inspire young people to create future Forest Guardians. We also have conservation & micro volunteering opportunities available.

The Heart of England Forest


Our organisation

Our mission?
We want to help reverse centuries of woodland decline and bring native broadleaved trees back to the landscape to benefit the environment, wildlife and people - a place of enduring natural beauty.
How do we measure the impact of our work?
Each year we produce an annual report to highlight our achievements and illustrate our progress against our objectives. We also produce an Impact Report annually which shows at a glance our successes and results in a highly readable format.
What environmental work do we do?
Tree planting on this scale makes a significant positive environmental impact, creating a huge carbon sink and helping to mitigate climate change. Further environmental effects of tree planting include water purification, flood alleviation and the prevention of soil erosion. With our native wildlife under threat, trees are a vital haven for hundreds of species of birds, mammals and insects, providing food and shelter. Up to 300 species rely solely on oak trees to survive and thrive.
Where do we carry out this work?
We have sites in the heart of the Midlands at Dorsington and Spernal near Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire and at Honeybourne and the Lenches near Evesham in Worcestershire. We carry out our conservation and management work in and around these different areas.
What impact have we achieved to date?
Planting tomorrow's great native woodland has already started. The Forest covers a mosaic of habitats across 7,000 acres of land, including 4,000 acres of new woodland and 600 acres of beautiful, mature and ancient woodland. So far we've planted nearly 1.9 million trees. At just 23% towards our 30,000 acre goal, we are already the largest new native broadleaf woodland in England. We are passionate about connecting people to nature and we opened our first accessible trail in January 2020.