The Heart of England Forest

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Every £5 in donations can support the planting and protection of a tree in the Forest to benefit the environment, wildlife & people

Who are we?

The Heart of England Forest is an exciting & ambitious charity. Our vision is to create a 30,000 acre forest to benefit the environment, wildlife & people. So far we've planted 1.9 million trees.

What do we do?

We establish & grow the Forest on land that we have purchased to ensure it is safe & protected for generations to come. Our schools programme aims to educate, involve & inspire young people to create future Forest Guardians. We also have conservation & micro volunteering opportunities available.

The Heart of England Forest


Our organisation

How are donations typically distributed across our organisation?
• Biodiversity 6.8% • Attracting People 7.7% • Learning & Skills 4.2% • Forestry 51.7% • Fundraising 1.6% • Communications 12.7% • Volunteering 3.1% • Administration 12.3%
What impact will your donation have?
Your donation could help the Forest to grow into a contiguous, native broadleaf woodland which provides vital green corridors for wildlife and a natural breathing space for people to visit and enjoy.